Let us host your next fundraiser At our Studio or your own facility !

  • Fundraisers held at our Studio: Thursday or Sunday classes only.
  • If you choose to hold your fundraiser event on a normal Brush It Off scheduled session, the cost per seat is same as the listed price on our calendar. Your party must have a minimum of 20 painters. Just remember, after the first 20 in your group - it is first come first serve to the remaining seats as our regular customers will be signing up too.
  • The more painters in your group the more money for your cause. At the end of the session we will write a check out to your organization as follows:

    Studio or Travel event: with a ticket price of $35 per painter:

    20-50 registered painters = $10.00 return for each seat sold and each seat over 50 you get an additional $5.00 per seat.

    Example: with 68 paid painters in your group. You will get a check for $760.00. That's $680.00 for all 68 at $10.00 ea. plus a $90.00 bonus for the 18 seats over 50.

  • You can increase your funds by selling Brush It Off Gift Certificates at the same time! Each Gift Certificate is $35.00, good for one regular session and count toward your seats sold. So if you are short painters, selling $35.00 Gift Certificates can bring up your numbers.
  • Travel or Private Fundraisers we can raise the ticket price for you to $40 which will give you an automatic $5.00 return on each seat sold.
  • If you do not reach the minimum number of painters for your group, Brush It Off is not obligated to pay.
  • You can hold a fundraiser as a private party, at our studio, if you have 40 or more guests. Under 40 painters you will need to pick a regular scheduled event on our calendar. If no painting is listed yet, you may suggest a painting from our inventory.
  • Brush It Off will not refund or reschedule "no shows." There must be a 48 hour notice for refund (this allows Brush It Off time to notify others who may be on a wait list for that class). Nor will a donation be made from that reservation. A last minute cancellation due to emergency we will put that reservation on a reschedule list and no donation will be made from that reservation.
  • Brush It Off reserves the right to provide fundraising opportunities to charities or organizations that will enhance the image of Brush It Off.
  • You can bring food and if you have the proper permits for your organization you may hold other ticket raffle fundraisers during the events if we have the space, please call to discuss.
  • Please contact us for more information.
  • We supply everything needed to paint, table covering, aprons and a sound system with microphone if needed.
photo of woman painting picture